More and more sources are pointing to the fact that AMD will be releasing a new iteration of its Polaris lineup on the 12nm node. The latest rumor comes from Fudzilla, whose sources claim that we’ll be seeing a refreshed Polaris card the coming month.

AMD Radeon RX 680
Ever since Vega’s disappointing release, AMD has been struggling in the GPU market

The site claims that the RX 680 will basically be the 580 on a smaller node with faster clocks thanks to the die shrink. The rest of the configuration should be same, with the 680 having 2,304 GCN cores and the RX 670 with 2,048 GCN cores like the RX 570. Given that these are supposed to be budget oriented offering, don’t expect the faster (and more expensive) GDDR6 memory to replace the older GDDR5 on these new Radeon cards either.

The RX 580 is a direct competitor of the GTX 1060, but since team green is focusing on RTX for now, the mainstream market looks to be more or less limited. This would a great opportunity for AMD to take advantage of that, especially considering that NVIDIA hasn’t really said anything about the sub-2070 GPUs as of now. So, until said otherwise don’t expect them to arrive before 2019.

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  1. “may land in November”
    “So, until said otherwise don’t expect them to arrive before 2019.”

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