AMD Radeon RX 5700 Revealed, 10% Faster than NVIDIA RTX 2070

AMD’s Computex 2019 is packed with a lot of product reveals and the 7nm RX 5700 is one of the key highlights.

AMD Radeon RX 5700

The RX 5700 is the first Navi GPU, powered by the RDNA macro-architecture and is the world’s first PCIe Gen 4 based GPU which delivers a significant performance improvement over PCIe3 (almost 2x). The RDNA architecture features a new compute unit design along with multi-level cache hierarchy to deliver faster clock speeds at lower power along with a 1.25x higher IPC and 1.5x more performance per watt. The presentation showed the Radeon RX 5700 when placed against NVIDIA’s Turing based GeForce RTX 2070, gave up to 10% more performance. This shows that the company has improved its production over the 7nm architecture in a cost-effective manner since the release of its first 7nm GPU – Radeon VII. Although there was no mention of ray-tracing, but if AMD is able to deliver better performance than its green competitors at the same price points, it’ll still be a potent GPU.


AMD Radeon RX 5700 Navi GPUs will have Two Models: A 180W and a 225W

The presentation also showed several other vendors including Acer and Asus, excited to work along with AMD to deliver an all AMD system. The Navi cards will officially showcase this June at E3 and will launch in July.

AMD’s Computex keynote also gave away their 3rd Gen Ryzen processors which are based on the “Zen 2” architecture and a new Ryzen 9 series, a welcome addition to the family. For more details, stay tuned.

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  1. RTX 2070 +10% is already Radeon VII performance. Let’s see how will they be priced. Launch date is July 10 though.

  2. The navi gpu was faster only in strange brigade which is a vulkan title.
    During the unveiling of the radeon 7 it was close to 20% faster than the 2080 in the said game.
    In almost every other game, the 2080 beat out the vega 7 that will be the case with navi too.

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