Youtube channel, AdoredTV, was one of the first ones to leak the name of the latest NVIDIA GPU, the TITAN RTX and now it has released a new video regarding the AMD Ryzen 3000 and Radeon 3000 series.

The Titan RTX video was not entirely correct, and same is the case with the new video too, but still, a part of it could turn out to be true just like it did for that video.

One of the most interesting things to note in the video is that AMD is claimed to be introducing Radeon RX 3000 series instead of RX 600. This is completely unexpected but it might be part of AMD’s recent aggressive marketing strategy.

For its Ryzen series of CPUs, AMD has been claiming chipset names for itself before Intel could. For example the B350, which was later changed to B360 by Intel to avoid confusion.


Now with Radeon RX 3000 series, AMD might be targeting the GeForce 3000 series naming. If the rumors are to be believed, both GeForce RTX 3080 and Radeon RX 3080 will hit the market at the same time and will surely cause a lot of confusion amongst the customers.


It’s still quite premature to discuss the specifications and the claims have a high probability of being wrong. But one thing can be said for sure, there’s no GTX 2060 as mentioned in the video, only RTX 2060.


Coming to the pricing, it’s never smart to believe in any price speculation this early. It changes most of the times prior to the launch and can’t be expected to be accurate now. The current speculations are mostly based on the bill of materials and are unlikely to reflect the actual retail pricing.




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