AMD Radeon Navi RX 3080 with NVIDIA RTX 2070 Level Performance to Cost $330?


    The Radeon Navi has been one of AMD’s most elusive products ever since…well ever since I remember. No matter where you look, you won’t find any solid leads on the specs or prices of the Navi graphics cards. Other than a bunch of elicit rumors and speculations, we’ve got nothing else to go on. The latest “expected” specs come from YouTube channel, AdoredTV and claim that the top-end Navi GPU will cost $330 and as I had predicted earlier will perform on-par with NVIDIA’s RTX 2070 (which costs $599 btw).

    AMD Radeon Navi

    From what TweakTown knows, it seems like the flagship Navi GPU will be named the Radeon RX 3080 (perhaps to one-up NVIDIA in the naming scheme) and will feature 56CUs, slightly less than the Radeon VII. The first lineup will be based on the 7nm Navi 10 GPU with a TDP of up to approximately 200W. If this actually pans, out then NVIDIA will have no choice but to slash the price of the RTX 2070 to at least $400, or like they always do come up with another unexpected GPU (possibly without the RTCores).


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    There is a bit more info that’s been floating around. Firstly, the workstation and Data Center based Navi Instinct has been delayed to 2020, while the gaming variant has been having issues with the clock speeds. Apparently, it can’t match the boost clocks of the Vega 20 based Radeon VII, despite both the cards leveraging TSMC’s 7nm node. According to ADTV, the clock targets have somehow been met, but at the expense of the thermals and TDP. So just like the Radeon VII, expect Navi to run hot and loud. This also explains the 150W+ power draw of the card, despite the fact that it’s based on the 7nm process.

    AMD Radeon Navi
    The rumored Navi board

    The Navi GPUs are expected to be announced at Computex at the end of the month, but the launch will probably come at a later date, say post-E3. We’ll keep you up to date. Cheers!

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