AMD Might Launch 5 Radeon Navi Cards Based on the RDNA Architecture


    AMD is going to announce the Radeon RX 5000 GPUs based on the brand new RDNA macro-architecture during the Next Horizon Gaming event on June 10th. As of now, the company has only spoken of one Navi GPU, namely the RX 5700 that’ll go up against NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX 2070 (most likely at a lower price), but there has been evidence of multiple graphics cards being prepped for the mid-range gaming market, and going by AMD’s history, the company has almost always unveiled 2+ non-flagship GPUs at once.

    AMD Radeon Navi

    According to the above certification from the South Korean Radio Research Agency, Navi might just launch in five different models, possibly the RX 5300, RX 5400, RX 5500, RX 5600 and the RX 5700 that was showcased at Computex. This would make sense as the RX 5700 would compete with the RTX 2070, the RX 5600 with the RTX 2060, and so on. Again, this is mere speculation on my part, and these might not all be released at E3.

    All these GPUs appear to be based on the same Navi 10 die, with the RX 5700 boasting all the unlocked CUs, and the successively lower-end parts getting trimmed. There’s a chance that these are variants of the same GPU, but having five different IDs for just one device sounds like overkill. We’ll know for sure on 10th June.

    As a side-note, NVIDIA is also prepping the refreshed RTX Turing cards for launch alongside Navi to raise the stakes by a notch. That’s probably what the “Super” teaser is about.

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