AMD Radeon Navi 14 Compubench Leak: Better performance than RX 570


    Navi’s kind of like Goldilocks, if you’re all out of analogies (and I sure am). Right now, we’ve got “just right” Navi with the RX 5700XT and 5700 offering viable 1440p performance, san raytracing. Big Navi, the supposed “RTX 2080 Ti Killer” is out there somewhere. It’ll come out soon (if AMD’s ever going to get it’s head back in the flagship GPU game).

    But meanwhile, there’s Little Navi to consider, too. Earlier we’d reported that Nvidia was prepping the GTX 1650 Ti for launch in a few months’ time. This part would plug the gap in their current entry-level product line. The GTX 1650 itself is a terrible product: it performances worse than the RX 570 across the board, with its only real advantage being that some models can be found that can run on just PCI-E power. The GTX 1660 is a good alternative to the RX 590, but it is a bit pricey and a second-hand 1070 or 1660 Ti is a better choice. The 1650 Ti is likely Nvidia’s attempt to dethrone AMD’s long-reigning budget champions, the 580 and the 570.

    So what’s AMD’s counter-counter punch? Why Navi 14, of course. Little Navi is set to feature 24 compute units, working out to 1536 shader cores. Komachi_Ensaka caught wind of Compubench scores for multiple Navi 14 SKUs. The GPU will apparently feature 3 different memory configurations: You get a 3GB variant, a 4GB variant, and an 8GB variant.

    Compubench scores seem to be a bit better than the RX 570 but behind the GTX 1660. This would make Navi 14 good competition for the rumored 1650 Ti. In any case, the budget market just got more interesting: it’s no longer just “shut up and buy an RX 570/580.” We’ll keep you posted.

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