These are tough times for AMD’s GPU division, AKA, the Radeon Technologies Group (RTG). First the much anticipated Vega cards failed to match NVIDIA’s 10-series Pascal cards and then the departure of Raja Koduri left the brand headless. Now, it seems like AMD is piecing the Radeon Group back together and prepping a new 12nm based Polaris GPU for launch.

The source? A reputed forum member over at Chiphell claims that AMD will release a new graphics card built atop the Polaris 30 architecture in October (on the 12nm node). The same source stated back in June that AMD was going to release a 12nm Polaris GPU by the end of the year, referring to it as Polaris 30.

AMD to Release New 12nm Based Polaris 30 GPU

As for my personal opinion, I’d say there’s a 50-50 chance. Given the recent launch of Turing and the luke-warm response from reviewers and gamers alike, this could be a good chance for AMD to capture the stage with its budget oriented offerings. While Polaris certainly won’t support the fancy ray-tracing tech Turing boasts, it will most certainly satisfy gamers looking for FHD to 1440p compatible GPUs.

On the other hand however, as per AMD’s official roadmap, the company is looking to launch the 7nm Vega GPUs by next year. So, it would be an odd decision to launch a 12nm product midway, but again given Turing’s less than ideal reception, it’s possible that it was a last moment decision.

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