AMD introduced the new Radeon FreeSync2 HDR ‘OASIS’ Demo that shows off the benefits of the new and improved FreeSync2 HDR technology. The original FreeSync ‘WINDMILL’ focused on reducing stuttering and frame tearing.


AMD’s FreeSync tech works by syncing your monitor’s refresh rate to the game’s FPS. The new ‘OASIS’ demo runs through various landscape scenes to make the benefits of FreeSync2 HDR clear. FreeSync2 HDR is built using Unreal Engine 4. Support for HDR 10 is also available.

But unlike the last ‘WINDMILL’ demo this time with ‘OASIS’, a large and diverse array of control features are provided. Viewers can switch between HDR and SDR, as well as FreeSync ON or OFF themselves to perceive the difference. Other things such as controlling the panning speed, rewinding the demo, changing various graphics settings are also possible in this new demo. Furthermore, just like its predecessor, this demo also has FPS control and autosweep to see the variable refresh rate in action.


Sadly, if you are looking to download the demo then no link is provided in the description of the YouTube clip. However, the link in the description does take you to AMD’s website that contains full information regarding Freesync2 HDR.

Recently, Nvidia announced support for a similar tech called Adaptive Sync. Intel’s dedicated graphics cards should have this by 2020.

FreeSync2 sports the same features and benefits of traditional FreeSync but includes additional features such as support for HDR 10 content, low Frame Rate Compensation and a low latency requirement.

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