Crazy 8.1 GHz Overclocked AMD CPU Still Can’t Beat Modern Ryzen

    These aren't the clocks you're looking for...


    Well, this takes overclocking to a whole new level! The German Youtuber der8auer managed to overclock an old AMD FX-8350 to an extremely high clock speed of 8.1 GHz. Of course, that endeavor asked for a lot of cooling that you and I aren’t gonna go for. The results were quite interesting.

    Despite the crazy high clock speed, the experiment does however prove that modern CPU efficiency has come quite a ways. When compared to a Ryzen 5 3600, the overclocked FX-8350 was short of just a few points in Cinenbench R15. The overclocked processor finished at 172 pts in Cinebench R15, whereas a Ryzen 5 3600 can reach 196 pts

    The FX-8350 was one of those AMD CPUs which ran infamously hot, with a base clock of 4 Ghz and a boost of 4.2 GHz. Looking at the specs of that processor, it’s an 8-core CPU without SMT. Built on the 32nm process, it’s quite a different beast when compared to the modern 7nm processors with Ryzen.

    • 8.1 Ghz AMD FX-3850 CPU
    • AMD FX-8350 Overclocked Cinebench Benchmark score

    It makes for an interesting experiment and shows how far AMD has come. Even budget $100 CPUs can reach scores almost as high as this, and the upcoming Ryzen 4000 series (Zen 3) will provide us with even more gains.


    1. Everyone’s talking about this processor being too hot. But the maximum temperature of this processor is 61 degrees. I have this processor and I can render it at 25 degrees with a tower fan. And my tower fan is only spinning in the meantime with 700rpm.

    2. The FX 8350 is NOT an 8 core processor, please stop saying it, its been proven. It’s a 4 core processor, AMD dropped the ball on the fx line of cpus. There was even a settlement to people who bought them because of this.

    3. Yes it is an 8-core processor. There are 8 distinct physically separate integer cores. They weren’t slow because they shared FPU’s either. They were slow because they had little slow integer cores. The unusual layout was just the excuse crooked layers leveraged on the back of people’s dissatisfaction with the performance. The relative single to multi-threaded ratio is even close to another 8-core/8-threaded processor..the 9700K. It’s just that the cores are much slower. AMD settled to make this go away, that’s all it is. The settlement is bad precedent and it discourages novel architectural innovation. If Ryzen had turned out badly, lawyers could argue it’s not a true 8-core because it’s dual CCX design has higher latency than a true 8-core…and that it is really a dual 4-core design.

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