AMD plans to dominate the coming year with their 7nm Radeon by competing with the flagship lineup of their main business rival, Nvidia. 

According to CEO Lisa Su who made a statement on the 22nd Annual Credit Suisse Technology, Media & Telecom Conference,  AMD will be focusing heavily on new high end GPUs with Ray Tracing in mind.

“We believe, we will be very competitive overall and that includes the high-end of the GPU market. Obviously there are new products out there from our competition. We will have our set of new products as well and we will be right there in the mix”

“As it relates to ray tracing in particular I think it’s an important technology, but as with all important technologies it takes time to really have the ecosystem adopt [it]. And we’re working very closely with the ecosystem on both hardware and software solutions and expect that ray tracing will be an important element especially as it gets more into the mainstream, frankly, of the market.”

While the company will be the first to launch 7-nanometer GPUs, we’re not sure how they plan to take on Nvidia’s high end Turing graphics, since the rumours claim AMD’s 7nm Radeon series would be on par with the GTX 1080.

In an interview with, AMD general manager David Wang talked about the competitive days of ATi. 

“That’s how you make gamers so excited about new hardware every year. I think somehow we kind of lost that momentum. But what I’m trying to say is we are determined to go back to that cadence, to make this business more fun.”

With finally having to face some competition from AMD, Nvidia might just be forced to reduce prices of their overpriced RTX cards so it’s a win-win situation for us all.


  1. If AMD’s newest cards only compete with last years ten series I think I just might have to give up on AMD in the discreet graphics card area….

  2. Last year? GTX10 series first arrived way back in spring 2016 with the mid range parts appearing mid 2016. They are all well over 2 years old! The RX Vega 64 being AMD’s fastest consumer GPU isn’t really a match for a GTX1080, itself now about five rungs down on the ladder below the 2080ti, 2080, 1080ti and 2070….AMD however need only deliver GTX1080 performance but at $250-$300. That would be a big deal for the mainstream, and a large step up from the GTX1060 which currently dominates the mid range market at that price point the past two years.

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