AMD’s Navi 10 has deceptively higher Bandwidth than the RX Vega 64


    Researchers over at PCGamesN have pointed out that bandwidth of AMD’s new Navi 10 GPU is actually more powerful than the Vega 10 chip. While it sounds blatantly wrong at first, their argument does sound very reasonable.

    According to them, going by the raw specifications the RX 5700 XT offers a memory bandwidth of 448GB/s which is clearly much lower than the 484GB/s of the RX Vega 64. But when taking a deeper look at the chip level bandwidth, the RDNA based Navi 10 architecture is seemingly delivering a wee bit more than the older GCN based Vega 10 silicon.

    Navi’s RDNA architecture has a lot going on for it since it’s designed purely with gaming in mind instead of the AI and data processing mix of the Vega and similar to the Ryzen 3000’s design, Navi focuses on enhancing the performance and efficiency of individual cores rather than increasing their count.

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