AMD FSR Reportedly Launching in June, With More Details Revealed About DLSS Competitor

    AMD Radeon RX 6000 CONTROL Ray Tracing using AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution (AMD FSR)

    It looks like AMD is getting ready to launch its DLSS competitor, called FidelityFX Super Resolution (AMD FSR) sometime in June.

    The news comes from YouTuber Coreteks who has leaked AMD info in the past. According to the new video they have posted, developers already have access to FSR and is implemented early in the graphics pipeline.

    Unlike NVIDIA’s DLSS, AMD FSR doesn’t require machine learning, and as such will require minimal work from developers. This adds more evidence to the early rumblings we’ve heard about Super Resolution being cross-platform and being integrated on a driver level.

    AMD Radeon RX 6800 XT Front 2
    AMD Radeon RX 6800 XT (Navi 21 GPU), which will support FSR

    With FSR being included under the open-source FidelityFX suite, Coreteks also claimed that it will be compatible with NVIDIA GPUs. Early testing has shown positive results, although no numbers were shared compared to DLSS.

    Even with Super Resolution being reportedly easier to implement, it still has an uphill battle with NVIDIA’s DLSS which is now available as a plug-in for most popular game engines. While AMD and NVIDIA battle it out over ray tracing efficiencies, it’ll be interesting to see what Intel has to offer by the end of the year. While the wait for FSR continues, at least we know that we’re in for a treat if their previous FidelityFX features are anything to go by.

    You can read more about why AMD needs Super Resolution to stay relevant as team red prepares to announce the feature, which hopefully should be soon enough.

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