AMD didn’t just shake up the consumer market with its Ryzen chips, but also the server and enterprise sectors too. Although at present Intel still has a sizeable foothold in the server market, it has started to weaken. The strongest waves were felt when AMD announced its upcoming Rome processors, based on the 7nm Zen2 architecture.

AMD Epyc Rome

The Rome processors will form the next generation of AMD’s “Epyc” server lineup. AMD has already started making deals to power future supercomputers with its Rome chips. The latest one comes from Finnish company Atos, who announced that their new BullSeqyuana X supercomputers will feature upto 200,000 AMD EPYC Rome cores.

Atos has already brokered a deal with Intel and NVIDIA to use their Cascade Lake CPUs and Tesla GPUs, respectively in the BullSequana X400 SC. This system is expected to be ready by 2019, after which the AMD Epyc powered BullSequana XH2000 will be set up.

AMD Epyc Rome

The BullSequana X2410 Blade, the firm’s top-end machine is supposed to feature 3125 AMD EPYC Rome processors. All these processors running in parallel will consist of 200,000 cores and 400,000 threads, resulting in a total processing power of 6.4 Petaflops.

The X2410 is going to cost around $44 million. As per the CEO of Atos, the company was waiting for a new compute engine with high memory bandwidth, and the Rome based Eypc chips fit that description perfectly.

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