Intel’s Answer to AMD Epyc “Rome”: Xeon Platinum 9242 with 48 Cores


    One of the highlights of AMD’s Computex press conference this morning was the 64 core Epyc Rome processor that was twice as fast compared to Intel’s 28-core Xeon Platinum in a dual-chip environment. However, if you look at the total core count of the two systems, you’ve got 128 cores on the AMD side and just 56 on the Intel-powered rig. Sure, the Intel processor with even 28 cores costs almost $10K and this is probably how much the 64 Core Epyc part will be priced for, but in terms of sheer performance its not a very fair comparison.

    In a reply to WccfTech’s query, Intel claims that AMD was not using the correct NAMD optimizations during the Computex 2019 demo and for a more “appropriate” comparison put the Rome processor head to head against the Xeon Platinum 9242, a 48 core part. In the same test, the Intel chip barely manages to edge past the new Zen 2 flagship, but of course this 0.5% higher performance will most likely come at twice the price, and for all practical purposes isn’t worth it

    In other news, AMD CEO, Dr. Lisa Su has said that the company’s Threadripper lineup isn’t going anywhere and we’ll most likely see 16 core Zen 2 based TRs or maybe even beefier products in the first half of 2020.


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