AMD EPYC “Rome” 64 Core CPU Crushes Competing Intel Xeon Chips


    It looks like Ryzen might be taking the fight to Intel’s traditional home turf: the Data Center market. A recent anonymous submission to the OpenBenchmarking database revealed performance figures for what looks to be the unconfirmed AMD EPYC Rome 7742 server processor.

    If the rumored specs are to be believed, the EPYC 7742 is going to be significantly more powerful than the older EPYC 7601 that’s currently available in the market. EPYC 7742 will likely feature 64 cores and 128 threads, with a boost clock of 3.4 GHz. It’ll have a 256 MB L3 cache, too. And all this with a TDP of just 225W.

    To put this into perspective, AMD’s previous-gen FX 9590 was an 8-core, 8-thread part with a 220W TDP. We’re talking about nearly 16 times the performance of the 9590 with the same power requirements. That’s what the move to 7nm has allowed AMD to accomplish and it’s nothing short of phenomenal.

    What’s more immediately relevant, though is how the EPYC 7742 stacks up against the Intel Xeon competition. The benchmarks on Openbenchmarking compared EPYC 7742 with the Xeon Platinum 8280 and the Xeon Gold 6138. Considering that these have 28 and 20 cores respectively, this isn’t exactly a fair fight. Except for the fact that Intel sells the 8280 for $10,009, over twice the launch price of the 7601 and as per rumors, the 7742 is going to be priced in the same range. The benchmarks indicate that in most scenarios, the 7742 steps all over the Intel competition. We’ll update you as soon as we get an official confirmation about the 7742 but so far, it looks like this could be that, more than consumer Ryzen, 7742 could be the part that keeps Intel up at night.

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