AMD Big Navi Radeon GPU Beats NVIDIA’s RTX 2080 Ti in Leaked Benchmark

    AMD Radeon RX Big Navi Mockup

    While AMD has historically struggled to beat NVIDIA’s best offerings, a new leak might turn the tables. In a new OpenVR benchmark leak, an upcoming Big Navi Radeon GPU has beaten the RTX 2080 Ti by almost 17% performance lead. What’s interesting here is that in the CPU column we only see an unidentified engineering sample number, which might point to a high-performance Navi card.

    As of late, AMD has been making great strides recently in the consumer PC hardware business. Their recent RX 5000-series of cards, as well as Ryzen lineup of CPUs, have taken the world by storm. The company has already teased that 2020 will see the reveal of ‘Big Navi’, which will also see AMD introduce raytracing features in their consumer GPU lineup.

    AMD Radeon Big Navi VR Benchmark Leak

    At CES 2020, AMD CEO Lisa Su also teased the arrival of Big Navi this year. While the conference itself only saw the reveal of the Ryzen 4000 lineup (and the RX 5600 XT), it’s clear that the company is holding its strongest cards close to the chest.

    “I know those on Reddit want a high-end Navi! You should expect that we will have a high-end Navi, and that it is important to have it. The discrete graphics market, especially at the high end, is very important to us. So you should expect that we will have a high-end Navi, although I don’t usually comment on unannounced products.”

    AMD CEO Lisa Su at a CES QnA session
    AMD Radeon RX 5600 XT GPU

    Regardless of when it’s revealed, we’ll be waiting for it. NVIDIA has long been the champion when it comes to high-end PC gaming, so to see a rival rise up to challenge them would surely be worth the wait. AMD has already invested a lot in the console marketplace and to see them enter the PC enthusiast-centric market would be a welcome move.

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      • While I don’t think it will individually require that much power, but on the whole, I think you may be right. Ampere is coming out this year which will reportedly cut down on that end a lot compared to Turing. AMD might want to make sure they do something similar, especially considering how some of the features are going to carry over into the next-gen consoles. You also have to keep in mind their approach to the architectural process which is different from the Green team.

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