AMD B450 vs B550 Chipset Comparision: Future-Proofing For Zen 3 Under a Budget?

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With the announcement of AMD’s latest B550 chipsets, entry-level PC builders have more than one reason to be excited than ever. In addition to the fact that a new chipset is released, there will be a potential price drop on existing B450 boards.

AMD AM4 socket

The B550 chipset starts as low as $100, a whole $50 lower than what the B450 debuted at, which in itself is something that is very appealing for budget-conscious consumers. But AMD has spiced things up with the inclusion of PCIe 4.0 and Dual GPU support.

Most retailers will slash the prices of the B450 boards in order to clear stock for the B550. So one might wonder at what price point would it be worth getting the old board.

AMD B450 vs B550 – The Key Differences:

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There are some reasons one might consider getting the older board. Some of which are: the support for 3200G/3400G APU support which is absent on the B550 boards, and at a low enough price say $80 it is an enticing offer. Especially for those who have already bought those APUs or those not planning on using features like PCIe 4.0 and save a few bucks.

AMD B550 Support

But for those who are looking to future proof and make us of all the goodness of PCIe 4.0 and Dual GPU, B550 is the way to go. AMD also confirmed the support for ‘Zen 3’ on the B550 chipsets which the B450 boards lack. So for those who plan on getting Ryzen 3 3100/3300X and upgrading to a higher tier Zen 3 CPU down the line, this will be perfect.

AMD B450 v B550 v X570

Considering that even the X470 boards lack the PCIe 4.0 support and don’t support Zen 3 officially, yet. We have a killer value in the B550 as we are essentially getting an enthusiast-grade board at a budget. AMD is carrying forward the trend of bringing all high-end features to budget builders with the release of the B550.

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Although one might want to get the B450 if they find a very good deal and/or are planning on using the Picasso APUs. We highly recommend getting the B550 as the Renoir CPUs are just around the corner and also future-proof the system while availing great features such as PCIe 4.0.

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  1. Plz tell which should I buy?ryzen 3500 or ryzen 3 3300x?(both cost less or more than 10k).kindly reply

    • Sorry for the late reply, the 3300X beats the 3500 and even comes close to beat the 3600 in some games. And since the Ryzen 5 3500 isn’t multi-threaded it doesn’t do that well with productivity applications. But one has to keep in mind the arrival or next gen and how soon it will make quad core CPU’s obsolete even though the 3300X is a beast right now.

    • I agree that the 1600AF is the best value for money for it’s retail price of $85, it doesn’t seem to be retailing for that price anymore and the ‘AF’ CPUs aren’t being sold in India at the moment.

  2. 3300x Because it have multithreading, 4C 8T but Ryzen 5 3500 has 6C 6T so no multithreading but you get 2 cores more and 2 Threads less, If you can increase your budget get 3600 which has 6C 12T but Its upto you but I’ll recommand 3300x if your budget is under 10k.

  3. For gaming a B450 is fine running the Ryzen 3300X. You can wack a 1660 super or a 2080 and have 4k gaming for years to come.

  4. A nice B450M such as the MSI MORTER MAX is fine to run the Ryzen 3300X with. You can run a GTX 1660 super or a RTX 2060 and have 1080p / 4k for years to come.

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