AMD Arcturus, not Navi, is Vega’s True Succeeding GPU Architecture


    Towards the end of September last year, an AMD employee spilled the beans of AMD’s new GPU codenames, “Arcturus”, in the Phoronix forum. No other information was available at that time which led people to speculate that the new GPU might be the successor to Navi.

    image credit: Videocardz

    The latest Linux graphics driver patch and the “GFX908” codename leaks, however, reveals that Arcturus has more in common with Vega than with Navi. Nonetheless, there are 102 new patches so Vega and Arcturus aren’t totally the same either. The new code has no support for 3D which suggests that Arcturus is not being designed for gaming.

    So it appears that AMD is planning to launch a new compute-focused workstation GPU as the successor to Vegabased Radeon Instinct cards. It’s hardly surprising as the company themselves revealed earlier that they plan to keep using Vega for non-gaming workloads

    Based on the timing of the leaks, Phoronix further speculates that the new GPU could be revealed at SIGGRAPH or Hot Chips 2019.

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    Source: Phoronix

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