AMD 3rd Gen Ryzen Faster than Core i9-9900K at half the Power Consumption

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With the initial reveal of AMD’s new 3rd Gen Ryzen lineup, we’ve come to know about its performance compared to the competition and its surprising to say the least.

CEO Lisa Su had showcased a benchmark comparison of an 8 Core 16 Thread 3rd Gen Ryzen up against the top of the line Intel Core i9-9900K albeit at stock speeds. Keep in mind this isn’t their flaghip Ryzen as that would be a 12 or a 16 Core chipset.

The Ryzen had slightly higher performance than the Core i9 despite consuming significantly less power, owing to the 7nm architecture. The multi-thread performance is also 14% faster than the Ryzen 7 2700X.

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From the chart by YouTuber Adored.TV we can see that the delta between idle power and load power for the Core i9 is 133.6 Watts, for the 3rd Gen Ryzen is 66.4 Watts and for the 2700X is 136 Watts. Instantly we can see that the 3rd Gen Ryzen chip is in a completely different power class with a power delta less than half of the other two CPUs.

This incredible power efficiency points at the possibility of higher clock speeds and thread counts and the same has been suggested by many recent leaks and rumours.

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