Want an Amazon Prime Account for Free? Here’s How!

    amazon prime video

    Amazon has become synonymous to our next-door department store serving all our needs, ranging from electronics and hardware equipment to everything necessary for the bathroom or kitchen. In recent years, Amazon Prime has grown considerably in the nation, gaining millions of customers and a huge portion of the e-commerce market. And honestly, they do a terrific job!

    Amazon started its prime membership in 2005 and it gained a lot of traction. In 2016, they launched it in India too and what’s more surprising was their pricing. Worldwide annual subscription for Amazon prime costs around the 99 USD mark, but in India it’s a complain bargain coming only at INR 999 per year.

    amazon prime video

    If that’s not enough to get you hooked on to an Amazon Prime membership account, let me take you through the plethora of advantages you have as a prime customer. 

    • Priority shipping: Okay, maybe they won’t be able to deliver everything in a day now, due to the pandemic. But under normal circumstances, Amazon Prime is capable of shipping your products to you on the same day you have ordered or a 1-day/ 2-day delivery scheme.
    • Kindle: If you are a reader, you will love this! If you have a Kindle supported device, like a phone, tablet or a computer, you can choose to read by renting from a nearly unlimited collection of books. 
    • Prime Music: Yes, in addition to the above, you have subscribed automatically to Prime music, which is music subscription provider. It has over 60 million tracks, so you will find whatever suits your taste. Along with that, it has pre-built playlists such as English chartbusters, Hindi chartbusters and playlists according to various moods as well!
    • Prime Video: We kept the big hitter for the end. You are also enrolled in the Prime video subscription as well that has a huge collection of movies, TV shows of various genres and Prime exclusives offerings as well. Titles are available at SD and HD and a select few are available at 4k too – if you have the hardware to support it. 

    If you are still not convinced and would like to try some free Amazon Prime, you came to the right place. Let me give you a few ways to achieve that. 

    The basic free one month trial!

    Firstly, the most basic way – you can just opt for the free trial for 30 days option to dip your feet into the service. If you like it, after the free trial you can sign up for the membership. Sometimes if you cancel your free subscription at the end of the month, Amazon might send you a mail, where they give you another month of free Prime. 

    If you are a JIO Fiber subscriber:

    Next, if you are using JIO Fiber, you can avail their offer of a free full year’s Prime membership for free. 

    You can also use Amazon Pay to pay for things while purchasing off Amazon, or ordering food from Swiggy and Amazon might give you cashback, which you can use to get that Prime membership. 

    Download the IMobile App:

    Another quick way of snagging 3 months of Prime membership is to download IMobile app on play store or the app store and just activate your account with your registered phone number. Voila! 3 months of Prime membership. This is a timed offer that expires on June 30, 2020.

    Loyalty offers to save the day:

    Lastly, if you have credit cards like Axis bank credit card or an ICICI credit card, that has EDGE loyalty offers for its customers. Redeem your points earned through previous transactions for an Amazon gift card and use the gift card to purchase the Prime membership.


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