Alphacool releases new waterblock for AMD Vega VII


    Alphacool, a German enterprise which manufactures coolants for silicon microprocessors, has launched a custom waterblock for AMD’s Radeon Vega VII discrete graphics card. This comes after AMD’s decision to let other manufacturers make custom coolers for the card.

    Alphacool releases new waterblock for AMD Vega VII

    The coolant, which is priced at $140, boasts a radiator plated with copper and nickel, and transparent plexiglass, enabling a clear view of the insides. The card is equipped with a “generous course of water” which covers all those parts which produce heat. Being a high-end cooler, it also has a backplate. And RGB lighting. But perhaps the most compelling feature of them all is the tubing connections made from transparent nylon. A vertical mount is also possible by providing a different orientation for the tubing connections.

    The new coolant definitely bumps up the price of the cooler to $850 from the original $700, which is at par with the 20-series cooler made by the company for Nvidia. Before launch, the users only had the option of having the reference cooler (and one other waterblock), which works fine but did not fare well at higher overclocks, temperature ranges or lower noise level. The fact that it is considerably expensive supports the fact that enthusiasts don’t really pursue custom coolers on a budget.

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