Cross-platform Alan Wake 2 Might Be On Its Way As Remedy Gains Rights Back

    Remedy Entertainment has now earned the publishing rights to the Alan Wake IP. Could a sequel be on its way?

    Alan Wake | Remedy Entertainment
    Alan Wake | Remedy Entertainment

    Alan Wake was, by all means, a cult hit. However, being as successful as it was, getting a sequel hasn’t been so easy. As fans of the series would know, the game got a spin-off in Alan Wake: American Nightmare, but not a proper sequel. But now it seems like the long-awaited Alan Wake 2 just might enter development, that too for all consoles (PS4 included) since Remedy Entertainment has finally got the publishing rights of the property back.

    Alan Wake | Remedy Ent.
    Alan Wake

    This gives the developer, and now publisher, the rights to make the coveted sequel & publish it for a multi-platform release. The original game was released on Xbox 360 as an exclusive and later got a PC port, but with the publishing rights staying at Microsoft it never to see the light of the day on PlayStation. However, in a recent interview Remedy expressed interest in developing an eventual sequel for other platforms as well.

    This comes as a great surprise to fans of the original game who might have been upset over the state of the first game’s distribution methods. For the longest time, the game wasn’t available on Steam, and just last year started selling on the PC exclusive platform again.

    Control (2019) | Remedy Entertainment

    Remedy Entertainment has kept itself busy though, with multiple single player games like Quantum Break and the upcoming Control. The developer is well known for constantly inventing new gameplay mechanics to support their surreal stories, & the same could be the case for Alan Wake 2.

    While a prospective sequel would be very far from active development, we’d like to hold out hope for it. The original game left a lasting impression for a lot of us and we’re sure fans of the franchise would love to see the sequel that it deserves.

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