AirPods 3 & Apple Music HiFi Expected to be Launched Soon

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Earlier we had expected the AirPods 3 and Apple Music Hi-Fi to be part of Spring Loaded Event this April but sadly these offerings weren’t part of the board. Newer reports however make us believe that they’re gonna go on sale as soon as in coming weeks. Let’s take a closer look at both these music oriented products.

AirPods 3 to Closely Resemble the AirPods Pro

AirPods 3 has been doing the rumour rounds quite often now and we have got to know that it’s going to take design cues from the pricier AirPods Pro. The short stems and more organic looking earpieces resemble AirPods Pro but will probably exclude the silicone tips.

The image reveals AirPods 3 design. Courtesy: IndiaToay
The image reveals AirPods 3 design. Courtesy: IndiaToay

Feature-wise, AirPods 3 will not get the ANC that the pricier Pro gets even after two generations of evolution. The sensor positioning will see alterations owing to the change in the overall design. The case will look like an elongated pill like that of the Pro albeit slightly smaller.

Apple Music to Get High Fidelity Audio

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Apple Music enjoys loyal support from a large user base but threats from independent music streaming services like Spotify and Amazon Music who are now flowing into HD audio has compelled Apple to launch its on high fidelity tier for Apple Music.

Apple Music HiFi to bring it back into the league. Courtesy: Pocketlint
Apple Music HiFi to bring it back into the league. Courtesy: Pocketlint

Apple has now recognized the vitality of its services and stepping up its music streaming service to compete with the rivals. 9to5mac earlier had reported that the new system brings references to Dolby Atmos, Dolby Audio and “lossless” audio. HiFi ALAC is offered on Apple Music but Dolby support would be new to the service. While Amazon Music offers the HD music service at a premium over the standard service, Apple Music is expected to continue at the same rates.

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Hits Double Daily who have reported this development also suggested that the labels and music publishers are yet to decide on their next steps of action depending upon the actual increase in subscribers given the improved audio quality at the same service rates.

Both the AirPods 3 and Apple Music HiFi are set to become public in the upcoming weeks.

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