AI: The New Fashion Statement?


    Artificial Intelligence or AI are machines or programs that are made to function or interpret like humans. A computer system can think, mimic actions, recognize a voice and even speak in multiple languages.

    Artificial intelligence used in the textile industry functions quite similarly as well. It is used in many stages of fabric production. It also digitally assists the clients on what to buy based on their preferences. With the expansion of artificial intelligence, the once labour-intensive sector is now automated at almost all steps. With this, the production rate has increased, better and specific designs have easily been introduced and the time efficiency has accelerated, all of which are the result of AI.

    Why AI in apparel?

    The demand for smart gadgets has made way for smart textiles too. Unlike a regular garment, AI-generated fabric keeps track of your personal data such as heart rate, blood pressure, and so much more. It can store past information of the wearer as well as the current ones. It has also benefitted the operational and manufacturing process industries. Be it any process, artificial intelligence has got it all covered making the entire product spectrum cost-efficient. From colour sampling to price ranging, every detail is precisely carried out nowadays with the help of this smart technology.

    The new fashion experience

    The Indian Market

    India is widely known for its huge ancient textile industry, all over the world. It ranks 5th in the top textile producing and exporting countries (catering to 6% of the global market) according to a 2020 survey. Statistically, the industry contributes 14% to the production, employing more than 35 million of the population (biggest employment sector preceded by agriculture); 17% to the export income, and 4% to the GDP growth.

    The sector has witnessed massive growth in the past few years and artificial smart technology has made the process easier. The main component of the industry is cotton. Others include silk and jute fabrics. During the pandemic, this industry initially suffered losses but the latest technologies paved a rather smooth way ahead. The chart predicts a positive spurt in the upcoming years too. Some of the leading textile companies are Vardhman Group, Arvind Mills, Grasim Industries, and many more.

    Detailed categorization of the Indian textile sector

    The future of Indian textiles seems quite promising, given the current output of AI-integrated types of machinery. Both exports and domestic consumption of apparel have shot up within the last few months. In a way, the pandemic turned out to be a boon for the same.

    Innovative ideas

    New technologies like 3D printing and biomimicry have taken a huge leap in recent years. Unlike before, the usage and application are widely observed. In fact, social media has majorly transformed the way fashion is perceived. One of the famous lastest innovations would surely be the smart inner wears.

    An excerpt from the Forbes website on smart underpants:

    Myant Inc., a leading innovation hub for wearables, has developed smart underwear that could become one of the most reliable and effective ways to detect and prevent health issues. The underwear current includes biometric sensors that measure things like sleep quality, activity, stress level, temperature, and electrocardiography (ECG)*. 
    As consumers wear the underwear, sensors in Myant’s SKIIN brand fabric send data back to a corresponding app. Myant’s platform analyzes the data, provides guidance on lifestyle changes, and allows users to share information with healthcare providers.

    Likewise, there have been innovations like smart bras which could alert a woman to any kind of danger or predators. All these have proven to be quite functional without compromising on the comfort of the wearer. The sensors are actually inserted right into the fabric so it doesn’t feel heavy on the skin. It is a great way to keep the person aware and informed about the surroundings. Watch the video below to get a brief understanding of the same.

    New Age Fashion

    To sum up, artificial intelligence would soon be a part of each and everything that is being manufactured. Fortunately, these technologies are well received by the consumers with the products being quite accessible even to the commoners. So the next time you go out to buy something, remember searching for a wide range of smart garments too. Happy Shopping!

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