At IFA last week, Acer showed off their new high-end convertible gaming laptop, the Triton 900. With a 4K, 17 inch screen and NVIDIA G-Sync support, the Triton 900 is sure going to be one beefy convertible.

The LCD on the Acer Triton is attached to a CNC-machined hinge that can flip it into various modes, from monster-sized laptop to… still monster-sized but a tablet. Just like it’s predecessor, the Triton 700, it features a programmable mechanical keyboard with a trackpad that can be flipped into a numpad.

Acer Triton 900: A 4K, 17-Inch Convertible Gaming Laptop

According to Acer, the Predator Triton 900 boats Acer’s fourth-generation cooling system running Aeroblade 3D fans. These “3D” fans are made of metal and can generate up to 3.8 CFM of air flow. Acer claims they are do a much better job than traditional cooling solutions.

The Predator Triton 900 doesn’t seem to hide any surprises when it comes to connectivity. In addition to Wi-Fi + Bluetooth, the laptop has one Thunderbolt 3 port, one USB Type-C header, two USB 3.0 Type-A connectors, two display outputs (HDMI and a DisplayPort), Gigabit Ethernet, and two 3.5-mm audio jacks.

Acer Triton 900: A 4K, 17-Inch Convertible Gaming Laptop

There is a mysterious bay on the left side of the Triton. This may be reserved for a small 2.5 inch drive or an external GPU or any other add on card, but at the moment these are mere speculations.

Lastly, the specifications haven’t been revealed by Acer yet. Given that it has a 4K display and NVIDIA G-Sync, it probably is going to have an RTX GPU and a high-end Intel Core i7/i9 CPU. The pricing and the launch dates are also amiss, but given that the specs are still unannounced, I’d say this new convertible gaming laptop won’t be launching this year.

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