Acer Unveils 4K Gaming Monitors With NVIDIA G-Sync and 144 Hz Rates


    During a stellar event at Berlin, Germany, Acer announced a host of new products, including premium 4K monitors, peripherals and a shiny new metallic gaming chair.

    We’ve already covered the Swift 5 and the Thronos gaming chair (check below), and so this piece will primarily focus on the new 4K Predator and Nitro monitors featuring high refresh rates, HDR and NVIDIA G-Sync and AMD Radeon FreeSync.

    Acer Predator XB273K Monitor 

    The Acer Predator XB273K is the ultimate 4K monitor for enthusiasts who want uncapped framerates with a refresh rate of 144 Hz and NVIDIA G-Sync support. This ensures buttery smooth gaming sessions and the G-Sync support keeps it so even at lower frame rates.

    Acer Predator XB273K Monitor

    The Predator XB273K has a wide color gamut of 90% of the DCI-P3 color space that improves the picture quality at darker shades of black. The monitor also complies with the VESA DisplayHDR™ 400 certification as expected from such a high-end part.

    Lastly, the monitor also supports Acer’s VisionCare, Flickerless, BlueLightShield, ComfyView and low-dimming technologies to improve the viewing angles and picture quality. Just like all other 4K monitors in this range, the Predator is equipped with a versatile stand allowing the user to swivel, pivot and adjust the height of the screen for better compatibility. The VESA mount also allows mounting the display to spare desk space.

    Acer Nitro XV273K Monitor

    If NVIDIA G-Sync is too expensive for your tastes, fret not, Acer is also offering a cheaper FreeSync model. Although not quite as smooth as NVIDIA’s propitiatory G-Sync technology, it is almost free of charge so might as well. The Acer Nitro XV273K has an extremely snappy response time of 1ms thanks to Acer’s VRB technology, making it ideal for eSports and shooters.

    Acer Nitro XV273K Monitor

    Just like it’s sibling, the Acer Nitro XV273K Monitor also complies with the VESA DisplayHDR™ 400 certification. For better visibility in shooters, it also has Integrated 6-axis color adjustment allowing fine-tuning of color, hue and saturation according to the game at hand.

    Unlike the Predator, the Acer Nitro gaming monitors come in three configurations; two In Panel Switching (IPS) models for wider viewing angles and color accuracy, one in UHD and one in WQHD, and also a Twisted Nematic (TN) WQHD monitor for better response times or in case you’re just flat out broke:

    • Nitro XV273K P (IPS, 27” UHD 144Hz, DCI-P3 90% WCG)
    • Nitro XV272U P (IPS, 27” WQHD 144Hz, DCI-P3 95% WCG) 
    • Nitro XF272U P (TN, 27” WQHD 144Hz, DCI-P3 90% WCG)

    Pricing and Availability

    • The Predator XB273K gaming monitor will be available in Q4 2018 in North America, starting at $1,299; in EMEA, starting at €1499; and in China for ¥9,999.
    • The Acer Nitro XV273K will be available in Q4 2018 in North America, starting at $899; in EMEA starting at €1049; and in China for ¥6,999.
    • The Acer Nitro XV272U will be available in Q4 2018 in North America, starting at $499; and in EMEA starting at $599.
    • The Acer Nitro XF272U will be available in Q4 2018 in North America, starting at $449; in EMEA starting at $529; and in China for 3,999.

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