AAA Games will Require Ray Tracing GPUs from 2023 Onwards


    In a tweet earlier today, NVIDIA’s Morgan Mcguire stated that the year 2023 will see the first game which will require a Ray Tracing GPU in order to run and that all video game platforms will offer accelerated ray tracing by that year.

    I predict that the first AAA game to REQUIRE a ray tracing GPU to run will ship in 2023, and every gaming platform will offer accelerated ray tracing by that year.

    Morgan Mcguire
    Ray Tracing

    Whether Mcguire’s prediction will come true remains to be seen but considering that Sony’s PlayStation 5 and Microsoft’s Xbox Scarlett are both already confirmed to support ray tracing, it definitely puts the odds in Mcguire’s favour. Though again, he did specify “every gaming platform” and taking into account how Nintendo has been with its last few consoles, their next system having ray tracing support would definitely be quite a surprise if that happens to pass.

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    1. No chance in hell.
      No AAA gaming company will risk alienating gamers by not having a low graphics option for fps hungry gamers.

      This is just a PR sound byte to upsell ray tracing.
      Any way, in 5years, we’ll be 2 generations ahead with God knows what new “must have tech”.

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