A Nice Girl Like You Review: A Sex To-Do List and Love!

A Nice Girl Like You premiered on Video-On-Demand on 17 July 2020. Directed by Chris Riedell and Nick Riedell, the RomCom stars Lucy Hale, Stephen Friedrich, Jakie Cruz, Mindy Cohn, and Adhir Kalyan alongside other cast members.

The RomCom isn’t something very new or different in the genre but it will make you laugh. The film will offer you a light-hearted and fun 90 minutes!

Pornophobic? No, Just Asexual!

A Nice Girl Like You

A lot of times in our society women being asexual is seen as a problem. Often it is deemed as something that needs to be “dealt” with and the other person might be called boring, pornophobic and what not!
(For those of you who are not aware of Asexuality – Asexuality is a lack of sexual attraction.)

The premise of A Nice Girl Like You is fun but why couldn’t anyone accept Lucy as an asexual, nobody even thought about it. But on the contrary, even Lucy wasn’t ready to accept herself as an asexual person. The movie shows Lucy as someone who doesn’t dislike porn but just hates it and doesn’t even know about it! That’s kinda contradictory.

Lucy likes arranging her work, she writes everything down. She makes to-do lists! So, what could be better than making a sex to-do list? Cliche! 4 more shots and Lucy are all set to explore sex!

A Nice Girl Like You

There are some moments of fun, like when she applies erection cream on her lips because she thought that it was lip balm!

Lucy is a violinist and her relationship with her boyfriend also ends because he was watching porn and he calls her pornophobic.

Lucy’s character is funny and naive in regards to the movie but honestly, it isn’t relatable and that is a major flaw. The rom-com had the potential of being about asexuality as it does have an amazing cast. But it chooses a different path altogether.

Stream It Or Skip It

A Nice Girl Like You

STREAM IT! Despite its few flaws, especially making asexuality turn a different way round, A Nice Girl Like You is a good time pass flick which will offer some laughs, for sure.

The film does have a sex-positive approach and it’s refreshing. Lucy and Jeff Thayer (Leonidas Gulaptis) share beautiful on-screen chemistry that’ll definitely make you smile.

A Nice Girl Like You is available on Video On Demand (VoD).

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A Nice Girl Like You is a light-hearted and fun movie about sex, love and asexuality. Although it falters with the last topic, it's still a good watch.
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  1. The show is definitely showcasing the asexuality spectrum. The psychic telling Lucy she has a grey aura definitely alludes to her being Graysexual; a person who experiences limited sexual attraction.

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