A New Vision In Healthcare With Virtual Reality


    Virtual reality (VR) is taking over the world and is getting popular with every passing year. It is a changing perspective on how we see the world. VR has done wonders in the gaming field, but now it has found its way into other industries. Businesses are developing methods to improve their procedures by using the latest technologies and trends, like that in the Healthcare industry. Some of its applications are getting popular and recognised, such as robotic surgery.

    There are many interesting possibilities for VR in the medical industry. Though the field is fairly new, there are some examples of VR that show a positive effect in terms of efficiency and better care. It is generally believed that this technology is only good for entertainment purposes, but there are many other ways in which VR is enhancing the world. In this article, we will look at some ways in which VR can help the medical and healthcare industry.

    Physical therapy

    As many industries are changing because of the invention of new technologies and methods, the fitness industry is also following the same footsteps. The way we exercise is also changing by combining it with VR. For patients recovering from a brain injury or a stroke, physical therapy is very important to regain the lost functions. VR makes physical therapy fun and increases patient involvement. Many patients don’t enjoy going to clinics or hospitals, but with VR, they can follow the therapy at their home.

    Mental health 

    Virtual Reality is not only limited to treating physical conditions. It has already shown positive results in helping patients with mental health issues. It helps in treating PTSD and panic attacks among other problems, by keeping the body calm and relaxed. Some therapy patients require the aid of a hospital or rehab centre but not everyone has diagnosis requiring the same, so VR brings in a logical alternative. It helps patients with PTSD by allowing them to face their fears in a safe environment. The patients then enter a world that is calming and pleasant.

    Treating pain

    Virtual Reality helps patients in escaping into a different world. It is a way of distraction and it involves patients participating in a virtual world providing a pleasant distraction from the pain. Methods of distraction have been used by doctors for a long time but with the advancement of technology, it provides a more innovative and personalized alternative. One of the best things about this is that it is a drug-free treatment. It is also used by doctors to help women tolerate labour pain during childbirth.

    Medical education or training

    With the help of Virtual Reality, we can access the areas inside the human body which are difficult to reach. We can view every part of the body in detail. Medical students will get great help during their training sessions due to VR.

    The future of Virtual Reality

    Some applications stated above are still in the experimental stage. To improve precision and effectiveness, Virtual Reality will play a greater role. It has a huge potential in the health industry and time and results will speak of its worth in the lives of people.

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