99Floors can best be described as a hardcore dungeon crawler, it consists of 99 randomly generated dungeon floors spread across 10 stages and the difficulty curve is a steep slope from the get go. The game was released on 16 May’18 and is the work of UK based sole developer Luke Powell.

Indie games have always held a secure and well spread acknowledgement among the gaming community. The pixelated graphics, the old school animations and the promises of extreme difficulty have attracted thousands of people to such kinds of games, especially the feeling of accomplishment they give you when after hours upon hours of gameplay-time you finally beat them.

Lately however, the popularity has seen a bit of a decline, with triple A titles coming out every few weeks and the increasing affordability of PC gaming as a whole these games have been forgotten for the easy narrative rich titles witch better graphics and better mechanics.

99floors game

Indie games still however have sway among the community and 99Floors is an indie title that seeks to play upon this sway and increase popularity for indie titles once more by offering a cash prize to the first person to complete the game.

After the first few days, even after selling over 1000 copies, the game remained unbeatable which saw Luke Powell introducing a cash prize for the first person to complete the game. The prize money was pooled in from the profits the game made and thus has been constantly growing. It now sits around an enticing sum of $2000.

99Floors game

The rules of the competition being you have to complete all 99 floors without cheating (obviously) and record yourself doing it. Don’t worry about taking your time and getting completely familiar with the game as the developer has said he plans to run the pool indefinitely until someone claims it, which has a potential of growing to an incredible amount seeing how it’s tied into the game profits.

You can try the game for free at 99floorsgame.com

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