8 Amazing Innovations That Make Life Better


    2018 has started with a bang! The ever evolving world of technology has more surprises in store for us this year. Technology has taken a leap into the future by introducing a plethora of amazing products which are waiting to be experienced. Here’s a shout out to all the techies – check out our list of these recent innovations that aim at making your life better.


    Amazon Go, the grocery store of the future, is here to relieve us from the long cashier lines and payments. The small test store recently opened to the public in Seattle. It uses cameras and sensors to detect what food you’ve taken from a shelf and automatically charges you when you walk out with your amazon accounts. The store has made grocery shopping a walk in the park and it could give us a glimpse into the automated shopping spaces of the future.


    The Mars earphones which were introduced at CES 2018 promised to take the technology used in google pixel buds a step further. They work with any Android or iOS device and enable person-to-person real-time translation. Thanks to the two separate wireless earbuds, multiple users can use the buds at the same time and an an app on their smartphone can help them translate a previously disjointed conversation. It is a gift for the travelers and is scheduled to be released in the summer.


    Buddy is a personal robot from Blue Frog Robotics loaded with impressive goods. It is packed with the standard features like voice-control, video calls and an assistant interface. Developers are also working on an app to to increase user convenience. Buddy can perform many tasks like reading the weather, monitoring the house and keeping a conversation with someone. It is also programmed to do interactive actions such as watching the kids, teaching them or playing music. Over all, this robot could be a very fascinating addition to one’s home and a very enjoyable presence across all ages.


    This is a robot that stands out from the rest of the robots ever experienced. My Special Aflac Duck is a social robot duck designed to help children suffering from cancer. It has sensors that react to touch and a microphone that helps adapt to different environments to adjust the duck’s activities. The adorable duck gives these children support and motivation and is an amazing companion. The children become their duck’s caretaker. They can feed and bathe the duck and have it mirror their health care routines and chemotherapy as well. The duck dances, waggles its head, is incredibly cuddly and has proven to be really impactful and inspirational in the lives of these children.


    World’s first head up display by Nuviz was recently named a 2018 CES “Best of Innovation” award from the Consumer Technology Association. It is a $700 display unit for motorcycle helmets offering features like navigation and built-in action camera. The helmet removes the need for disparate devices and software for music, photo/video recording, navigation and voice communication. This reduces the distractions increasing situational awareness on the road and safer motorcycling.

    L’Oréal’s UV Sense:

    The sun’s ultraviolet rays are one of the leading causes of skin cancer. While many of us are now used to protecting ourselves using sunscreens, that’s often not enough to shield us from UV exposure. L’Oréal has come up with a fascinating solution to this concerning problem. The new UV Sense, which is small enough to wear on your fingernail, is designed to detect UV exposure with its built-in sensor. This data can be stored for up to three months and is programmed to actively transfer the data to your smartphone anytime the app is open in a device nearby. It is an effective solution which keeps one’s UV exposure and hence health, in check.


    The Foldimate, despite being a low-profile invention is a clear winner for everyone from lazy teens and full time workers to patients and parents. The smart home invention is grasping our attention with its concept of doing the simple task of folding the clean laundry. From tops, trousers and pint-sized kid’s clothes to towels and pillowcases, Foldimate is ready to handle anything. Being familiar with the stresses associated with   tremendous amounts of house work, the device is a boon for everyone.


    Get ready photographers! The Stellina is here to turn your dreams of gazing up at the heavens into a reality. While several high tech and expensive telescopes have been designed before for this purpose, Vaonis offers a user friendly and reachable way for the same. With app connectivity, this new-age telescope makes collecting gorgeous images of the stars easier than ever before. It is also very compact and easy to use and hence, is a bang for the buck.

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