7nm Zen 2 Based Ryzen 5 3600 +63% Faster than Intel Core i5-9400 in Multi-Core Test, +24% on Average

AMD just announced its highly anticipated Ryzen 3000 processors based on the 7nm node on the very first day of Computex, which proved to be one the most packed keynotes in the history of the event. There were three major announcements, the Zen 2 based Ryzen 3000 processors, the 64-Core Epyc Rome server chip and lastly the RDNA GPU architecture powering the upcoming Radeon RX 5700 graphics cards.

7nm Zen 2 Based Ryzen 5 3600 +63% Faster than Intel Core i5-9400 in Multi-Core Test, +24% on Average


AMD Radeon RX 5700 Graphics Cards will be based on a Mixed GCN-RDNA Architecture

AMD Ryzen 3000: Which Motherboard to Buy: X470, X570 or B450

While AMD did have a lot of charts to dis on Intel’s stagnating 14nm Coffee Lake architecture, first-party benchmarks are always taken with a pinch of salt. We’ve already seen a bunch of SiSoft and Geekbench scores, but they don’t exactly give a good measure of real-world performance. The UserBenchmark shared by TUM_APISAK on Twitter, however, is fairly accurate. According to this bench, the hex-core Ryzen 3600 is a staggering 63% faster than Intel’s Core i5-9400 in multi-threaded tasks, 2% in single-threaded in single-threaded and 24% on an average. These tests are based on FP32 based operations, and give a fairly good idea of everyday performance.

7nm Zen 2 Based Ryzen 5 3600 +63% Faster than Intel Core i5-9400 in Multi-Core Test, +24% on Average
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The Zen 2 processor is also notably faster than Intel’s 9th Gen i5 chip in gaming (by almost 10%) and given AMD’s pricing history, it’ll also be cheaper than the latter. We are headed towards exciting times. Zen 2, Navi, Ice Lake, Intel’s Xe discrete graphics cards. The dynamics of the PC enthusiast market might as well change in the coming years.

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7nm Zen 2 Based Ryzen 5 3600 +63% Faster than Intel Core i5-9400 in Multi-Core Test, +24% on Average
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  1. Ryzen 5 2600 (Rs 15. 5k) is more expensive than the i5 9400f (Rs 11.5k) right now in India. I imagine Ryzen 3600 would probably cost close to 20k on launch.

    • We’re hoping It’ll be 15K. Let’s see. We’ve been talking to AMD about the price discrepancies. Hopefully the next gen will be better priced

  2. If it comes at the $199 USD~13,880 inr,it would be great,if it comes to India with a price point of above 15k,i5-9400f still the better choice. Also I hope Radeon 5700 launches at 25k and 5700xt at 31-32k. Then I might ditch buying 2060 at ,31k and go for 5700xt to get a 2070 like experience. But then i5-9400f might bottleneck it. So 5700 is a good choice too considering it performs better than 2060 and also has 8gb gddr6,unlike the 6gb gddr6 on 2060.

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