It’s an inarguable fact that Fortnite was the most successful multiplayer game of 2018. It swiftly dethroned PUBG to become the staple game of the Battle Royale genre. Just recently, Marshmello hosted an in-game concert which saw an audience of over 10 million concurrent players. Something of this magnitude is unheard of, yet Fortnite pulled it off, even after 1.5 years after its release. Epic Games has done a brilliant job in keeping its players hooked. These are some of the things they did right:

Fortnite Marshmello Concert
The Marshmello Concert saw an in-game audience of over 10M players

1. Regular Addition of New Cosmetics

XBOX exclusive Fortnite skin
The exclusive cosmetic set for XBOX

Each time a user opens Fortnite, they’ll find new items, such as new skins, axes, gliders, backpacks, etc. The detail that goes into their cosmetics is brilliant. The dances are some of the best cosmetic items in the game, making it all the more enjoyable to play.

2. No-Risk Gameplay

A lot of multiplayer shooters now do this. But while multiplayer shooters with a competitive aspect like OverWatch punish you when you lose, Fortnite’s recent competitive cup series rewards winners without punishing those who lost. This encourages people to get more involved in the game without losing their sanityThe limited time modes also spice up the gameplay and give players plenty of content.

3. Constant Map Changes

Fortnite Winter Event and Horde Mode

Fortnite: Battle Royale has had the same map since it began. The only difference between now and then is how much the map has changed. Each season (every 90 days) changes the map in drastic ways. Changing or even destroying major drop points and adding newer areas. These map changes are always done with a huge in-game event, which is Fortnite’s only source for an in-game story.

4. Releasing New Content Quickly

Fortnite’s development team is working consistently to add new weapons/ items to the game, even vehicles. These items are incredibly creative in their usage and these almost always spice up the gameplay to the extent that each time is like a fresh experience. The content is released so quickly that sometimes, it almost feels like you’re downloading new updates every day.

Fortnite Patch 7.30
Fortnite Patch 7.30

5. Listening To The Players

With the constant updates, there’s bound to be some overpowered items or annoying glitches that could ruin a player’s experience. This is one of the first games I have seen to address the players’ woes with great efficiency. This kind of customer service for a free-to-play game is incredibly rare, and if the past is any indication, it’s not going to reduce anytime soon. They also added Bluetooth controller support on iOS and Android versions of their game.

6. Excellent Brand Integration

Fortnite's X Avengers Limited time Mashup
The Marvel mashup featured a playable Thanos

Fortnite has managed to partner up with many big names since its release, the most prominent being the NFL and Marvel Studios, both of which garnered a lot of attention. These partnerships encouraged non-gamers to get into the game with their gamer friends, allowing them to share a unique experience. With the huge recent success of the Marshmello concert, it is likely that more brands will be looking to partner up with Fortnite for more exciting content, which would benefit the huge player base.

7. Keeping the Content Creators Content

Fortnite's collaboration with Ninja at NYE

Content creators have had a huge role in Fortnite’s success. Twitch streamer’s like Ninja and YouTubers like Ali-A have helped make Fortnite a success. Fortnite knows this and chooses not to ignore it. Fortnite has made a lot of changes to keep the content creators happy. Such as adding streamer mode, allowing creators to take a small cut from the in-game shop purchases, even partnering up with them for events such as the “Ninja x Fortnite New Years Eve ” event. This treatment has made creators comfortable to stick with Fortnite and keeping their audience involved in the game too. Fortnite’s free-to-play model and its streamer friendly tools, has encouraged many players to start their own streaming career. This impact has allowed for a gigantic rise in gaming content (on Twitch and Youtube), and an increase in the acceptance of gaming as a career.


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