6 Best Android Word Game Apps 2020

    Word Games

    Bored of playing the conventional action and strategy games? Have a crack at the not so common “word” games. They are not only designed specifically for the Grammar Nazis but also help amateurs get a better insight into the language. These games come with a short and sweet theme and are accessible 24/7 and can even be played for the shortest duration of time. So, the next time you have a short break of 10 minutes, you don’t need to look for the never-ending and time-consuming battle royals. Here’s a list of the 6 must-try word apps to entertain yourself as well as develop a sense of command over the art of grammar. Get, set, and scrabble.

    1. Wordscapes

    This is a very manageable game for beginners. It comprises of an array of random letters and subsequent cross grids to complete. The player completes the cross grids using the letters provided, within the stipulated time. The faster you complete, the higher points you score. It is a single-player game with an inclination towards natural backgrounds.

    2. Alphabears 2

    This game is based on the theme of bears and their armies. It is also based on the puzzle grid concept. The player needs to form words out of the random letters present and each successful word will contribute to the growth of the bear. It is fun to play the game with a lot of cute bears to collect as you progress. These bears can be used to unlock various benefits in the game.

    3. Word with Friends 2

    The theme of this game revolves around the formation of words using a given random set of alphabets. It has certain modes like the solo challenge, lightning round, etc. to choose from. The motive is to form the longest word that makes sense with the alphabets already present on the board.

    4. BlackBar

    This game requires a higher level of proficiency in English as a prerequisite. It is based on the concept of finding the missing word. In the gameplay, a story is presented with certain words missing from the content provided. The player has to guess the correct word that is relevant, using context clues from the paragraph given.

    5. Four Letters

    It is a game that revolves around the use of four alphabets provided to form a word against a timer. Every time you form a word, you gain a time extension and the alphabets refresh. Ultimately, you race against time, framing correct words with the help of the alphabets given.

    6. SpellTower

    It is an innovative game as it is a hybrid of scrabble. Gameplay consists of towers stacked with various alphabets. The player has to form words and the used alphabets disappear. When the screen is completely filled, the player loses.

    The Final Verdict

    Games like Alphabears 2 and Worldscapes are light-hearted and can be used for recreation. However, SpellTower and BlackBar may require extra effort to ace but are very informative in nature. Four Letters and Words with Friends test your concentration and presence of mind. Ultimately, playing any of these will lead to some learning by the end of the day and will help gain something out of it in your life.

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