5 Simple Practices Towards A Content Life


    With the incredible advances in science and technology every other day, an innovation or a device comes to the forefront with the promise of making our life better, easier and longer. We’ve in turn become so dependent on these new age inventions that we have forgotten about the little things that we could do to make our own life happier and content.

    Don’t worry though! We’ve got you covered. Here’s a list of scientifically tested things that you could do to make you appreciate life and live it to its fullest!

    • GET A DOG

    This is probably one the most relatable options. Who doesn’t like the company of a faithful and loving animal? A recent study conducted in Sweden stated that dog owners were 23 percent less likely to die of cardiovascular disease, and they also experienced a 20 percent lower risk of mortality from all causes. Although it wasn’t easy to establish a proper link, it was felt that the additional physical activity and emotional connection between dogs and owners played the most critical roles in the increase of life lines. Of course, not everyone is up to owning a dog. However, if you are, it is one of the most gratifying options. According to your convenience and preference, you can choose to have any animal ranging from a hamster to a turtle and experience equal levels of content!

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    Laughter is the best medicine. Everyone is familiar with this old saying. In fact, it has even led to people gathering in parks every morning and laughing out loud without reason! How helpful is laughing in making life better? A Norwegian study showed that women with a good sense of humor had 48 percent lower mortality rates. The authors however, were unable to find a similar link for men. It was concluded that “a sense of humor is a health-protecting cognitive coping resource.”  So, go ahead, find your happy place and smile genuinely and watch life brighten.


    Regular brisk walking offers several health benefits. It supports both physical and emotional well-being. In 2015, a study presented to the European Society of Cardiology reported that 25 minutes of daily brisk walk added up to seven years to our lives. This is also a very viable option for the people in their later years, who find it tough to exercise.

    • EAT

    This refers to the practice of eating whole foods (foods that have been minimally processed). Whole foods have caught media attention over the past few years with their abilities to improve body mass index, cholesterol levels and reduce many other chronic disease risk factors. Plant based diets are nutrient rich and hence naturally lead to a fitter body as well. However, don’t restrain from giving yourself a well-deserved cheat day. Enticing the taste buds is really what makes one happy.

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    This again, is an option mostly restricted to the people in their later years. Various studies have shown that people who feel useful and do meaningful work during their later years of employment are more likely to live longer. To find a passionate job isn’t necessarily easy for everyone but once found, it is all worth it.

    To a happy and well rounded life!

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