5 AMD Navi 14 Graphics Cards Spotted: Radeon RX 5500 and 5300 Series

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The Radeon RX 5500 is happening, whether or not you want it. While Nvidia’s taken flak for having released a frankly absurd number of Turing SKUs (Super? Ti? Super Duper TNT2 GTX Riva+), AMD might just take back the confusing naming scheme crown.

According to the Reddit hivemind, there might be as many as 5 different Navi 14 SKUs: three Radeon RX 5500 series parts and two RX 5300 parts. These parts were discovered by Redditors poring through AMD’s open-source GPU driver files. What Navi 14 parts are we looking at? And exactly how will they perform?

Let’s take a look at the Navi 14 GPU itself, first. We’re looking at an RDNA part with 1536 shaders spread across 24 CUs, and GDDR6 memory over a 128-bit bus. There’s not a lot to cut away there, so what exactly is going on? The top end SKU, Navi 14 XTX will be a fully enabled part. We’ll see Navi 14 XTX in the form of the 5500XT, a part that’ll go head to head with GTX 1660 (and possibly the Super). Meanwhile, Navi 14 XT will trim 128 shaders off, for a 1408 total.

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In the mobile space, we’re looking at the Radeon RX 5500M, a part we’ve already talked about. The 5500M will essentially be a 5500 running at lower frequencies to accommodate mobile form factors.

The RX 5300 series, meanwhile rounds off the Navi 14 cohort. We’re even less clear about just what it’ll feature, but it’s likely we’re looking at further cutbacks to shader count, a possible switch to GDDR5, and lower clocks, delivering performance that’s closer to the GTX 1650. All in all, we’d say the 5500 and 5300 series aren’t looking bad at all. Ballpark performance between the GTX 970 and 1070, available to budget laptop and desktop buyers? That sounds like a great deal to us.

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