6 Core/12 Thread AMD Ryzen 3 3300/X Spotted on Geekbench; 25% Faster than 2nd Gen Ryzen 5 2600

    AMD CEO Lisa Su

    There are less than two days left till AMD’s Computex press conference where company CEO, Dr. Lisa Su is expected to announce the hotly anticipated 7nm Zen2 based Ryzen 3000 processors. Both fans, as well as media, have been going mad over the past one month or so over these supercharged chips, that are going to send shockwaves through the CPU market, possibly changing the dynamics just like the 1st Gen Ryzen processors did a few years back. These days we are seeing a lot of leaks pertaining to red team’s upcoming CPUs and today on the eve of AMD’s keynote we’ve got another one for you, and it’s a juicy one. Just a day before yesterday, we shared the SiSoft score of the rumored Ryzen 3 3300, and the same processor has once again been spotted, this time on Geekbench, by none other than TUM_APISAK (gamers pay attention, this is something you ought to check out!).

    Ryzen 3000

    Just like the previous test, this one also paints a very enticing picture of the Zen 2 chips, and the purported (6 Core/12 Thread) Ryzen 3 3300/X beats the last gen Ryzen 5 2600 by a margin of 25%. Yes, as I had said the other day, the lowest end Ryzen CPU appears to be faster than the present mid-range offering. The Geekbench score indicates a rather sizeable IPC (single-core) boost of 15-16% over its Zen+ based predecessor, while the overall multi-core score at 25,481 is approximately 25% higher. In contrast, the 2nd Gen Ryzen 2000 lineup was only 2-3% faster than the Zen chips as far as IPC or single-core performance is concerned.


    One thing is certain. This IS a Zen 2 “Matisse” part as indicated in the results, and hopefully the Ryzen 3 but there’s also a chance that it’s a Ryzen 5 with 6 cores, but to be honest that would be somewhat disappointing. Still, the IPC gains seem as good as the rumors claimed.

    AMD Ryzen 3000 Zen 2

    Another noteworthy factor here is the RAM as the Ryzen chips are known to benefit immensely from faster memory, and this Matisse part has been benchmarked on a rather tamely clocked (1331MHz) DDR4 system, while Pinnacle Ridge was tested on relatively faster memory. Furthermore, the processor itself was running at the same clocks as the hex-core Zen+ chip (Ryzen 5 2600), so the final product will probably be clocked higher given the more efficient 7nm process.

    Now, time to get your expectations back in check. Here’s what I think

    There are two parts in my head, the calm logical one and then the enthusiast that just cares about them big numbers. The former tells me that there is a very good chance that this will be the 3rd Gen Ryzen 5 3600, albeit with higher clocks and perhaps not as fast as the rumor mill wants you to believe, but it’s still a good 30-35% faster with a double-digit IPC improvement, something for gamers to look forward to (This means that the Zen 2 processors will be notably better at running games compared to the contemporary AMD CPUs).

    The reckless benchmarker/overclocker/enthusiast in me really wants this to be a Ryzen 3 part as it’ll significantly empower PC gamers, kicking Intel in the balls, forcing major price drops across the board as well as larger or at least faster chips from the company. Only a bit more than a day left now. Stay tuned for updates!

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    1. It’s probably Ryzen 5 3600 not ryzen 3. Hard to believe the lowest 3rd gen Ryzen is faster than 2nd gen Ryzen 5 2600 . If it’s true than 3rd gen Ryzen 5 3600 would have to be significantly faster so it’s unlikely

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