3 Big Releases That Will Change Mobile Gaming in 2021

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    The mobile gaming statistics in 2020 are nothing short of impressive. Right now, there are over two billion people who consider themselves mobile gamers, making smartphone activity the most significant niche within the industry. If you own an iOS smartphone and download an app from the Apple Store, there is a one-in-four chance that you will be downloading a mobile gaming app. And the odds are only slightly lower for Android users.

    Translating this to industry revenue, mobile gaming accounts for just over half of the total sector and around double the revenue brought in by console and PC activity.

    Mobile gaming is already big business in 2020, but what’s in store for next year?

    What to Look Out for in 2021

    1. Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

    Plenty of leaks are revealing what the best Android phones of 2021 will be and one of the most anticipated for gamers is the new Galaxy phone. Whispers tell us it will hit the digital shelves as early as February next year and will boast some fantastic capabilities perfect for on-the-move action. Expect to experience crisp visuals and a bigger battery to satisfy those longer playing sessions.

    2. 5G Connectivity (Finally?)

    While a stream of new 5G enabled handsets have hit the market, major brands like Apple, Huawei and Google are all vying for the top position on a global scale. For the gambling industry, this might seem insignificant. Still, the increase in speed and processing power will enable fans of the many high-graphic mobile casino games to play without the all-too-well known issues like lag or being booted from mid-spin. Of course, 5G will enhance other types of mobile gaming, but it could be a significant boost to casino games where lag doesn’t just make games less fun but can cost you money.

    3. Augmented Reality Games

    The Augmented Reality mobile gaming scene has quietened down a lot since Pokémon Go sent the world chasing invisible Pikachus around parks – and more recently redesigned for playing at home. But there is going to be more happening in the Augmented Reality gaming department next year with some suggesting a new Harry Potter mobile game will be created. Although this is just rumors, there will undoubtedly other AR games coming to your app store soon.

    Will Mobile Gaming Remain the Biggest Niche?

    Nobody can say for sure if playing-on-the-move will remain the biggest slice of the overall pie, but the big things coming in 2021 will undoubtedly help the mobile sector stay on top. Other niches that could challenge mobile gaming, but also contribute to it, include cloud gaming. This is when players ditch the need for a console and can play games across all types of devices from PCs and TVs


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