Ever since AMD introduced Ryzen, Intel has been shelling out more and more CPUs with higher core counts. The i3s now are quad core, the i9s have come into existence and so on. Today at Computex, Intel showed off two new consumer products, one being the limited edition Coffee Lake i7 clocked at 5 Ghz and the other is an unnamed 28 Core CPU.

That’s right, a single socket CPU with 28 cores clocked at 5 Ghz. This will be the first consumer CPU with as many as 28 cores. The system running the 28 core monster was on display and scored 7334 in Cinebench R15.  GM of Intel Client Computing Group, Gregory Bryant explicitly said that this CPU would hit shelves in Q4 this year.

Intel didn’t provide any technical specifications regarding it’s upcoming flagship, but chances are that it will be a highly binned 28-core XCC processor built on the 14++ node. The Xeon Platinum 8180 (costs $10K btw) however runs at a mere 2.8 Ghz base clock and 3.5 Ghz boost but if Intel was able to push the Coffee Lake i7 to Ghz, I suppose they can do the same with Xeon too.

28 Core Intel CPUThere’s a fat chance that like AMD, Intel will use the low core server parts and combine multiple dies using the multi-die interconnect bridge (EMIB). As die size goes down, yield increases. This would allow Intel to take care of production costs. Given that this is going to be a 28 core processor, the base die could be a 14 core design (Intel HCC?) and if yes, the question is will there will be any additional latency or bandwidth with this configuration.

The most important aspect of this mystery processor would be the TDP, after all it will take a considerable amount of power to run those 28 cores. And then, of course there’s the matter of the price. Given the equivalent Xeon costs $10K, how much will this consumer part cost? $5K? $7K? More or less than that? We’ll have to wait and see.

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