16 Psyche: Asteroid That Could Probably Trigger A Gold Rush In Space


    NASA is all set to send a probe to the 16 Psyche asteroid which could potentially carry thousands of billions of pounds worth of gold, platinum and other distinctive precious metals. The asteroid in question is located within the primary asteroid belt which exists between Mars and Jupiter.

    NASA will be launching a solar-powered space probe towards the asteroid by 2022, which will be reaching it by 2026. The probe would then spend another two years trying to examine the composition of the asteroid.

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    NASA hopes to explore this cosmic object of gold and other noble metals

    The huge amount of gold that’s present in the asteroid is already threatening to throw the gold industry into chaos.

    Dubbed the Discovery Mission, it will reach the Psyche 16 asteroid by 2026. But to bring back an asteroid of this value will undoubtedly wipe out the global economy.

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    Gold in the skies?

    Astronomers have analysed the 16 Psyche asteroid before in visible and infrared wavelengths, along with radar as well and have ascertained that the 16 Psyche is shaped like a potato. The 16 Psyche asteroid orbits the Sun between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. The dimension of the asteroid is reportedly 279, 232 and 189 kilometres.

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