Earlier this week, Amazon was selling the 120GB Kingston A400 SSD, that usually costs somewhere around $40, for just $28. Now, $28 for a Kingston SSD is an amazing price and it wasn’t expected to retail at that price for too long. But turns out the deal is still there on Amazon even after a week. It even led to other SSDs makers to drop the prices.

Kingston 128GB SSD

There are two other 120 GB budget SSDs available at a price of around $30 other than the Kingston one. The PNY CS900 is priced at $30 on Amazon right now, down from its original retail price of $50. Other than that, the Silicon Power S55 SSD is available at a price of $27 on Amazon.

Silicon Power 128GB SSD

These cheap SSDs may not be the fastest on the market. But even the slowest of SSDs are still more powerful than the fastest mechanical hard drives. These 120 GB SSDs can be used to store your operating system for quick boot speeds. You can also store your frequently used software and programs for a better performance while using them. The files that aren’t required that much on a daily basis can be kept in the old hard drive and rest can be transferred to the SSD for speedy file transfer.


Buying these SSDs for such a cheap price makes every sense. Although they don’t have huge storage capacity, they can be considered if you can’t afford a bigger SSD but still want the snappy SSD experience. The faster startup times, speedy file transfers and better in-application performance will surely make your life a bit easier. I would suggest not waiting for too long though, these deals might go away soon. So if you are in the market for an SSD or even if you aren’t, just buy the damn thing, it’s 30 bucks.



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