10th Gen Intel Core i5-1034G1 Powering Dell XPS 13 7390 2-in-1 Benchmark Surfaces


    Intel’s 10nm Ice Lake CPU announcement was followed by a slew of leaks, giving us an idea of the performance of the Ice Lake as well as the Comet Lake parts. We’ve already seen the Geekbench score of the top-end i7-1065G7 and the SiSoft listing of the Core i5-1035G4 this past week. Now, a third Ice Lake chip (packing four cores and eight threads) has been spotted on the Geekbench benchmark chart. We’re looking at the Core i5-1034G1, powering the upcoming convertible, Dell XPS 12 7390 2-in-1.

    Intel Core i5-1034G1

    Checking the processor scores, this appears to be the second fastest chip in Intel’s upcoming mobile Ice Lake lineup. However, since the naming scheme has once again been updated (read: made even more confusing), we are expecting multiple variants of every part, based on the Gen11 iGPU paired with it. The higher end offerings with Iris Plus iGPUs will have the G7 suffix, while the lower end parts will be G4 and G1. This particular SoC is a G1 meaning that it will feature considerable less CUs compared to the Core i7-1065G7, and as such the graphics performance will be miles apart.


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    Intel Core i5-1034G1

    The upcoming Dell XPS lineup will give you the option to choose between a wide range of Ice Lake chips, from the standard quad-core i5 paired with a mediocre graphics processor, to the 64CU, i7-1065G7. Expect the prices to go up as you add more oomph to the mix. This i5 comes with 6MB of L3 cache, 512KB of L2 and 48KB of L1 cache per core. The base clock is lower at 1.19GHz, but the turbo boost frequency is a tad bit higher at 3.56GHz. These are all low-power mobile parts, so don’t expect much higher speeds.

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