10 Quirky But Very Useful Gadgets


    Quirky gadgets always catch our eye but our emotions do not go beyond a sense of awe. Not many of these unconventional gadgets drive a person into a purchase. However, there are some nifty one out these where their quirkiness factor is the core of their usability. Check out our list of weird, but very useful gadgets.


    Gadget for emergencies

    Technology is a wonderful thing. It not only ensures comfort but is also the primary driver behind increased safety in the present era. Having a communication device on you like your mobile phone can get you out of the trickiest of situations. Sadly, these devices can run out of charge (including backup charging devices, if you have any) when we need them most. Unfortunately, it is not like you know when trouble is right around the corner. Fear not, we have just the gadget for you!

    The American Red Cross FRX3 Hand Crank helps in charging your device by the mere turning of a knob. What’s more, it not only powers devices but also permits radio and flashlight use during emergency situations. One minute of twisting the knob gives 10-15 minutes of radio and flashlight use. Alternatively, the device can be kept in the sun as a charging option. To charge your phone, all you need to do is connect your device to this gadget using your USB cable and have it charge just like plugging it into a wall. Keep in mind, this gadget is for emergency situations and only gives your device enough life to make an important decision.


    A gadget that helps ease irregularities in sleep

    Tough day at work but no sleep at night? Are racing thoughts getting in the way of your nap time? Or are you just a bad sleeper? If you nodded in acceptance to all these questions, this gadget might just do the trick for you.

    Using technologies implemented by NASA, the Illumy sleep mask uses blue and red lights to combat insomnia and other irregularities in sleep. It works by blocking ambient light and uses a combination of two soothing colours to create a tranquil setting for your eyes. It recreates a sunrise or sunset setting to ensure regulated sleep and prompt waking up. This is especially handy when you are travelling or fighting the effects of jetlag.


    Convenient for work heavy lives

    Millions of varieties of earphones exist in the market catering to the most bizarre of needs. While being a saturated market indeed, one can agree that there is still room for improvement in the convenience aspect of earphones or variations of the same. When getting down to do jobs that are physically taxing and rugged in nature, earphones might not prove to be the most comfortable gadgets to work with. The wires flop around everywhere and hardly stay where they need to be, inside your ears. If not, they almost certainly cannot hold up to the force that comes with certain jobs.

    When does technology not have a solution? The Bluetooth music headband with its soft cotton-nylon headband and built-in speakers connects wirelessly to any Bluetooth-enabled device (including mobile phones) within 30 feet. This gadget provides one of the needed comfort and entertainment, something very necessary in a demanding workplace.


    Easy on the eyes and increases comfort

    Cellphones have revolutionized the technology scene with their impeccably versatile set of features. Almost anything is possible with a cellphone in hand. Most people indulge in forms of entertainment such as music, videos or even movies on their phones. However, we can all agree that the screen size cannot provide an experience nearly as fulfilling as that on a bigger screen. Furthermore, a smaller screen is not kind on the eyes causing various problems due to the exposure to unwanted radiation.

    The Cellphone Screen Magnifier is a foldable projector that magnifies your phone screen two to four times its original size. This nifty gadget also filters out the harmful lights that radiate from most phones, making it a healthier option as well.


    Goes where you do not want to

    Dropped your ring down the sink while washing the vessels? Or is your child bawling due to a favourite toy under the sofa? These situations can be highly frustrating simply due to how inconvenient and sometimes, impossible it is to locate items in tiny or restricted spaces. This device might save your money, and a lot of your peace of mind as well.

    This gadget is equipped with an LCD screen and a four-foot waterproof cable. Illuminated by an LED light, the lizard cam goes where your hand doesn’t want to and efficiently locates whatever it is that you wish to fish out. Now you do not have to tear the house apart while trying to find a lost item.


    Very good for posture

    Think about the hours of train or bus travel. Or perhaps a long flight. What comes to your mind? Yes, people sleeping in convoluted positions whose dire effects reflect in the form of stiff limbs or neck pain, to name a few from many. We present this useful head support that eliminates most of the issues that come with having to work with restricted spaces.

    We agree that this gadget doesn’t score too well in the visual department but we can assure you that its functionality outweighs the perhaps awkward appearance. This head support prevents your neck from getting numb and also makes sure that your spine is in a comfortable position. This can prove to be extremely benefitting to the health from a long term perspective.

    SMART LOCK             


    Back home carrying ten bags of groceries? Or fumbling around for your keys as you are rushing to work? These situations prove to be rather unpleasant and what’s more, losing your keys bring an array of security issues and unnecessary worry.

    The second generation of the August Smart “Lockenables” helps homeowners to auto-unlock and auto-lock doors, create digital keys for guests and keep track of who has entered the home via their smartphones. This gadget saves valuable time, money and provides the user with an assured sense of security.


    We have always heard our doctor emphasize the need to change toothbrushes regularly. While most people do not take this seriously, there are a few others who do. Having said that, your toothbrush is not free of germs even during its supposed “safe” lifespan. Did you know that it’s likely covered with droplets splashed from nearby toilet flushes, harmful bacteria and disgusting germs? If you did not take us seriously back then, you probably are now.

    The Pursonic sanitizer case can protect you from these revolting microbes by killing 99.9 per cent of germs via UV light. With its job done, the case also works as a protection for you toothbrush preventing exposure to more of these harmful substances.


    While you are enjoying your break at work, are you suddenly struck by the possibility that you forgot to feed your pet? It is truly a feeling of dread knowing your pet is at home starving while there is not much you can do about it. It also affects the pet’s health gravely when work spheres tend to get demanding and eat away into your time.

    Don’t worry, this gadget will ensure that your pet is well-fed and happy when you are busy. This automatic pet feeder takes in any schedule that you wish to input based on your pet’s needs and serves meals according to said schedule. It also pours out perfectly proportioned meals making sure your pet consumes a quantity that is just right.


    An environmental crisis is looming on humanity by the day. While humanity is debating methods to escape their impending doom, they are generally confused about what measures to take. Sometimes, simple actions can prove to be an enormous step towards a better world. This gadget may help you achieve that.

    This compact compost turns your food scraps into natural fertilizer. Packed with nutrients, the fertilizer produced can be used to harvest a variety of plant life. This also eliminates the harmful chemicals that come with commercial fertilizers and improves soil quality and plant growth. This inexpensive move is a great step towards healing a damaged ecosystem.

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